designIT is a software tool for all building practitioners to design houses and similar structures using Engineered Wood Products, manufactured by CHH Woodproducts in correlation with other selected materials. Quick and simple to use, yet deceptively powerful software, designIT for Houses is useful for the selection of beam sizes without the need for engineering knowledge or the exercise of professional engineering judgment.

designIT Houses - Features


System Requirements

Windows PC Requirements

  • 32 or 64 bit CPU
  • Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • .NET Framework 4.5 or later
  • Processor Speed – 1 GHz
  • RAM – 512 MB
  • Disk Space – 100 MB (Minimum)
  • Internet connectivity for updates

Apple Mac Requirements

  • OS X Yosemite (10.10) or later
  • RAM – 2.0 GB
  • Disk Space – 100 MB (Minimum)
  • Internet connectivity for updates
The following system requirements have been identified for the use of designIT Series 6. Whilst designIT may be installed on other, older operating systems we cannot guarantee outputs.

what's new & version history

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Version History

v6.3.4, released 14 June 2018

v6.2.2, released 2 January 2018

v6.2.1, released 24 October 2017

v6.1.6, released 7 August, 2017

V6.1.4, released 23 May, 2017

V6.1.3, released 16 May, 2017

V6.1.2, released April, 2017

V6.1.1, released March, 2017

V6.0.0, released 6 September, 2016

V5.4.5, released 11 May, 2015

V5.4.4, released 26 February, 2015

V5.4.3, released 16 January, 2014

V5.4.2, released 9 December, 2014

V5.4.1, released 10 November, 2014

V5.4.0, released 28 July, 2014

V5.3.3, released 6 May, 2014

V5.3.2, released 27 February, 2014

V5.3.0, released 21 January, 2014

V5.2.0, released 14 May, 2013

V5.1.8, released 4 February, 2013

V5.1.7, released 16 November, 2012

V5.1.6, released 4 November, 2012

V5.1.5, released 24 October, 2012

V5.1.4, released 16 August, 2012

V5.1.3, released 24 May, 2012

V5.1.2, released 27 April, 2012

V5.1.1, released 27 April, 2012

V5.1.0, released 18 April, 2012


What's New

V6.0.0, released September 2016

designIT Series 6 is the latest major release of designIT for houses, now expanded to include a version suitable for use on Apple Mac operating environment.  As well as a new look and feel, this release also contains additional new functionality, including:

  • design of cantilevered lintels for both hip and gable end structures
  • design of wind beams around stair voids and openings
  • Revised/new details
Please also remember to download our on-site App, designIT Site - Smartphone App providing access to details, web hole penetration calculations and joist, rafter, bearer and lintel design at the touch of a button


v5.4.6, v5.4.7, v5.4.8, v5.4.9

Minor updates and bug fixes.

V5.4.1, V5.4.2, V5.4.3, V5.4.4, V5.4.5

Minor updates.


Changes to branding and background images.

V5.3.0, V5.3.1, V5.3.2

Released January 2014

  • Addition of a new designIT program for commercial floors. Installation of this module is optional, and installs as a separate program.
  • Inclusion of the new 'Bearers supporting internal load bearing walls' screen into designIT for Houses. To this end, zero Roof Load Widths have been disallowed in the 'external load bearing walls' screen.

V5.2.0, ... V5.2.5

Released 14 May 2013

  • Ability to adjust the weight and height of load-bearing walls.
  • Ability to design un-notched studs.
  • Ability to select greater depth sections for veranda beams.
  • Ability to target specific depths of wall plates, and include triple wall plates for design.
  • Adaptation to update functionality to cater for increased user administration rights conflicts in windows 7 and 8. This has seen the removal of the 'check for updates' function. Users will still be prompted about version validity and expiry.

V5.1.8, ...  V5.1.1

Minor updates.

V5.1.0, released 18 April, 2012

Additional functionality for Australian users:
- designIT training module.

Additional functionality for all users:
- Introduction of Dockable Windows.


V5.0.8, V5.0.9

Minor updates.


Additional functionality for Australian users: 

  • Inclusion of GLTAA Criteria selection for design of Glulam members.
  • Inclusion of Glulam in bearer calculator.

V5.0.6, V5.0.5, V5.0.4

Minor updates.


The new functionality incorporated into this version of designIT for Houses includes:
- Additional hyJOIST® rafter overhang detail, R26, Nested outrigger.
- Adjustment to special load cases functionality.

V5.0.2, V5.0.1

Minor updates.


designIT Series 5 is the latest release of CHH Woodproducts designIT for Houses software platform. This major release not only includes required changes to design properties of LVL, timber grades and design standards, but additional functionality including enhancements to the floor joist calculator, new lintel design screens and the ability to design wall plates for houses.

  • Reaction report for each member, providing designers with the flexibility to detail connections using Timber Framing Standards and proprietary connections.
  • Ability to design wall plates for both upper and lower storey load bearing walls.
  • New lintel design screens, including Lintels supporting 2 identical TGTs, Lintels supporting 2 different TGTs and Lintels supporting a girder truss and a TGT.
  • 'Special load cases' functionality for the floor joist calculator. This allows designers to specify floor joists supporting concentrated loads from roofs, walls and floors in similar combinations to those already available in the bearer calculator. Design for hyJOIST as trimming joists has also been added as well as guidance on consideration of differential deflection between closely space members.
  • Design for snow load on roofed over structures in both the floor joist and bearer calculators.
  • New roof area calculation options for studs, posts, and floor and bearer calculators.

Australia Specific

designIT Series 5 also includes the following additions:

  • Adjustments to capacity calculation for compliance with BCA 2011, including re-characterised LVL, timber and Glulam grades to AS 1720.1-2010 and AS/NZS 4063:2010.
  • Inclusion of pre-cambered Glulam GL17 C and GL18 C  members for design in Queensland.

New Zealand Specific

designIT Series 5 also includes the following additions: 

  • Adjustments to capacity calculation for re-characterised LVL in accordance with AS/NZS 4063:2010.
  • Inclusion of Extra High wind region.
  • Specification of SG Grades.